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This first clock is designed for Long/Short Hedge Funds and  Market Makers on Level III.  In addition, almost all High Frequency Trading firms have this same clock to know when to set their HFT Computers to favor the long or short side.   HFT by nature is net neutral over time, and that time is on this clock.   Buy orders in the morning are offset by sell orders in the afternoon.  And vice versa.

If you are trading your own account, or trading your firm's prop accounts, you must have this clock if you are going to compete with the best trading firms on Wall Street.   And instead of complaining about High Frequency Trading, you take advantage of it.

Timing is everything.

It is that simple.











This second clock is for Mutual Fund trading desks.   Mutual Funds by law, cannot sit in cash.  As the cash rolls in, they have to spend it and buy stocks.   Every day.   And there is a huge difference in buying on the high of the day with the crowd, or buying on the low of the day when no one else is buying at all.

By focusing only on the buy side and at the best times to enter those buy orders, you can lower your cost basis in most securities and therefore increase the returns of your mutual funds over time.

If you are a sell side firm, you can use this same clock to build better rapport with your customers.  By consistently suggesting not only what stocks to buy, but at the best times of the day to buy them, you can help your mutual fund customers to increase their returns and at the same time build more commissions for your firm.

Timing is everything.

It is that simple.







This third clock is for Short Sellers.   As the public rushes in to buy the latest fad stocks, you sell them all they want.   And not on the low of the day!   On the times listed on this clock.

By selling to the crowd what they want on the highs of the day, you too can lower your cost basis and increase your short returns of your short selling funds over time.

Mutual funds do have portfolio changes of course, such as the current fad of dumping oil and buying tech.   And mutual fund desks can also use this clock to sell out of the old fad on the high of the day instead of just blindly dumping on the NYSE close as most funds do.

Timing is everything.

It is that simple.

If you are a SEC and/or CFTC registered professional trader, then you and your firm are exempt from the following.   However if you are an individual trader, and especially if you are trading index futures contracts, then you must be aware of the risks involved in securities and futures and also with program trading and click here.


Program Trading Clocks from HL Camp & Co.

Program Trading Clocks                                                                          

Retail customers trade based on price.  Most lose money doing it.   Program Trading Desks trade based on time.   They make money doing it.   So it is easy for you and your fund to know which one is the most important.   In general, program trading has little to do with price.  Something that surprises a lot of traders and retail customers who are constantly talking about and using price for their trading.   Statements like support is at such and such and resistance is at another such and such.   Market Profile and the Fibonacci number for today is such and such, and the latest craze, today's pivot points are such and such.   All of this talk about price is really for amateurs and retail customers who do not have a clue about program trading.  And program trading is over 60% of the volume most days, and on some days runs a lot, lot more.

Program Trading Desks trade based on time.   And they have three clocks on the wall to tell the time every day.   If you would like to see those three clocks for one day, just scroll down below.  Most likely, you have never seek anything like it.  So what time is it?  Program trading is based on time and that time is Central USA Time.  All program traders world wide are on Chicago Time.  Where you live or work, just like price, is totally irrelevant.





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